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Hale, Odell, & Gulevich take titles
at BBA’s 2nd DC4 Triangle

Marvin Hale won his 3rd BowlBayArea Triangle title with a victory in the 2nd DC4 Triangle Event on July 23rd.  Hale earned $1000 for the win.

Hale used a 760 set at Cloverleaf, the biggest set of the day by any of the 58 players, to take over the lead.  He finished with a 699 set at 4th Street and compiled a 9-Game total of 2178.  That total was good for a 65 pin victory over Bob Rosenau & Lanndyn Carnate.

Bob & Lanndyn each earned $550 for their 2nd place tie at 2113.  Rosenau’s sets were 753-709-651 and Carnate’s were 713-736-664.  Each of them had 8 games over 200 and both had their low game at 4th Street.

A total of 58 bowlers participated in the event.  We had 32 bowlers in the scratch division, 25 in the 200 & over handicap division, and 13 in the 199 & under handicap division.  Bowlers could enter more than one division.

The Triangle started at Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl, continued on to Cloverleaf Family Bowl in Fremont, and finished up at 4th Street Bowl in San Jose.  We used Kegel’s Bourbon Street pattern at all 3 centers.

The 200 & Over division was won by Jake Odell with a 2221 handicap total for 9 games (The handicap is 90% of 230).  Jake was also 4th in the scratch division with 2068.  The handicap win was worth $400 and he earned $300 in the scratch division.

Odell started off strong with a 731 @ Dublin, slumped to a 619 at Cloverleaf, and rebounded with a 716 set in San Jose.  Each of his sets had a game over 250.

Nick Adams continued his hot stretch of bowling by finishing 2nd in the 200+ handicap division and 5th in the scratch.  Earlier in the month at a Baker Doubles tournament in Dublin, Nick & Mark Del Cerro, Jr. had a 4-Game stretch of 300-298-288-300 / 1186, where they threw 45 of 47 strikes at one point.  At the Triangle, Nick had sets of 709-691-651.

After 1 game, Aaron Gulevich was in last place having shot a 151 game.  He righted the ship with games of 213 & 233 after that.  After 6 games, he was still out of the cash and 81 pins off the lead.  At 4th Street, Gulevich fired games of 232, 216 and a big 256 finale to win the 199 & under handicap division by 23 pins.  Aaron earned $350 for the win.

Rick Winstead played Turn Back the Clock day and partied like it was 1989.  I’m not sure he’s bowled 9 games in a day since then and I would think might be parts of his body that are in pain today!  He had 7 games over 200 and a low game of 192.  Winstead came in 2nd for $250.

Thanks again to those who came out and bowled and look for future events from BowlBayArea.  Results are posted here


Dublin Bowl Sport Shot Practices

Now Twice as Nice!!


Big News!  As our program continues into May and June, we've decided to offer the Sessions twice on Sundays.

Since we oil the lanes twice a day here at the center, we thought why can't we offer the program twice a we are!

The morning session will go 9:15 to 11:15 A.M. and the evening session will run from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

The price remains the same at $15 for the 2 hours of bowling.

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