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BBA Senior Singles @ Dublin on February 11th

A last minute opening popped up on the Bowl Bay Area calendar, so we’ve decided to put together a Senior (Age 50) Singles event on February 11th.  The tournament, which will have scratch & handicap divisions, begins at 10:05 A.M.

The format has everyone bowling a 4-game qualifying round. 1 in 4 bowlers from each division will cash & advance to the finals.  The top qualifier in each division will receive a 1st round bye.  The finals are 1 game rounds with the top half advancing to the next round.  The finals will have a maximum of 3 rounds.

Bowlers may enter, cash, & advance in both divisions.  The entry fee is $50 for either division and $90 for both divisions.  This isn’t an event that you’re going to get rich by bowling, but we think you’ll enjoy the day & like the format.

For the handicap division, bowlers will enter with their 2016-17 USBC composite average.  Bowlers may drop only 5 pins from their 2015-16 Composite average.  Also, any participation in non-certified leagues must be reported prior to bowling.  As always, please disclose all re-rates and winnings over $300 or risk participation in any BBA event.  The handicap is 90% of 220.

To reserve a spot, send an email to

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Practice on PBA Patterns in December!


December will feature 2 Sunday Practice Sessions using the brand new PBA Patterns.

The next session of PBA Practice is December 3rd and we’ll be featuring the New Bear Pattern.

This Pattern is 38 feet long with a 1.79-1 ratio and a volume of 29.45 ml.

The pattern will be available twice; once in the morning from 9:15 – 11:15A.M. and from 6:00 –8:00P.M.

December 17th will be an evening session only due to our Non-Staffer Tournament in the morning.  On the 17th, the pattern will be the New Earl Anthony Pattern.  This is a 42 foot pattern with a 2.15-1 ratio and 28.56 ml of oil.

The cost is $15 per session.

If you’ve never been to one of our sessions, here’s how it works!  The pattern is out on 6-8 lanes and we don’t turn the automatic scorers on.  This allows bowlers to move from pair to pair and allows bowlers the choice of whether to pick up spares or just to shoot for the pocket.

It’s a great way to practice since this puts a premium on accuracy over power as opposed to house shots that put a premium on power over accuracy.

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Practice Sessions
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  Sundays Mornings
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Earl Anthony's Dublin Bowl 
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10:05 AM Earl Anthony's Dublin Bowl


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